Embedding Reform on your own website

For all the times where you don't want folks to leave your website, embedding the form is a great alternative.

Once you've published your form, embedding it is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to copy the HTML snipped below and replace the FORM_URL with the URL to your published Reform.

<div id="my-reform"></div>
<script id="reform-script" async src="https://embed.reform.app/v1/embed.js"></script>
  Reform('init', {
    url: 'FORM_URL',
    target: '#my-reform',

Once the form is embedded, the script above will make sure to:

  1. Resize the embed window so your users never see a scrollbar
  2. Move the window to the top of the embedded form every time they move to a new page of the form
  3. Pass query parameters from the parent site into the embedded Reform, which can be useful for prefilling fields or tracking

If all you want to do is embed Reform on a website, you're done now. If you are planning to embed Reform into your app or otherwise have a more advanced use case, continue reading.

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