Send a custom post-response email

With the Email automation integration, you can send a post-response email to your respondents. You can reference answers in the email by using simple Liquid template syntax.

The Email automation integration in Reform lets you send custom post-response emails.

You can reference answers in both the address, subject line, and message fields using Liquid syntax, like {{ answers.BLOCK_ID }} where BLOCK_ID is the ID of the form block in Reform. You can get the ID for a block in the form builder by clicking the little ⚙️ icon next to the block and selecting "Copy ID".

Get the ID for a block by clicking the "Copy ID" option in the setting menu.

Once you have the ID handy, you can use it to compose your post-response email.

Post-response email referencing answers from the form response.

This way, you can use a post-response email to email the respondent by referencing their email from the form response.

Post-response emails are great for:

  • Confirmation emails for respondents
  • Internal notifications for your team
  • Order delivery emails
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